Will switching site over to https cause issues with Sovrn Ads?


I’m looking to switch my site over to https. I was wondering if it will cause issues with the SOVRN ads running on my site?


Our display ads are now SSL compliant. If you tags were created after March 2016, then just grab new code for your existing tags and replace it on your site in order to be SSL. In Meridian, go to Tools, click on the ad tag you want, scroll down to ‘Installation’ and copy the tag code.

If your tags are older than March 2016 then you will need to create new tags so the ads are SSL compliant.

Hope this helps, Celesta


Just to clarify, any display ad tag code that is pulled from //Meridian is SSL compliant. You do not need new code if your tags were created after March 2016. You do not need new tags even if they are older than March 2016, you just need to replace the code with new code from //Meridian. Thank you!



Looking at my ad codes (created before March 2016), the only difference I can see is my installed code is <script type=“text/javascript” src="http://ap.lijit.com while the new code is <script src="//ap.lijit.com/ (more html5 compliant)

I have 24 tags running in 5 countries + international. I’d rather just run a simple sql update query rather than manually go over every single code. (I’m lazy, I know)

Is there anything I am missing? Looks to me the only change. Or do I need to remake the tags that are on sovrn.com?



Hi Oli,

You should be able to make this mass update if you wish! We don’t necessarily recommend it to our publishers unless they are technically savy, as one extra or one less character within the string will render the tag unresponsive. Simply keep in mind that you may need to implement each tag individually if this becomes the case, but give it a shot and see what you find!


ok, tried it.

Got immediately errors like Mixed Content: The page at ‘???’ was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure image ‘http://sync.intentiq.com/profiles_engine/ProfilesEngineServlet?at=20&mi=10&dpi=396218182’. This content should also be served over HTTPS.

Which I am guessing is one of yours… Either way I have to wait a bit. MaxCDN’s handling of https is still too old school.