Why is my Q1 Revenue Dipping vs. Q4

  1. I think my account rep got fired, how can I get a new one?

  2. I have submitted multiple requests to your support form but nobody has responded. Can someone?

  3. The reason I am reaching out is that overnight my earnings went to shit. Before Jan 1 I was doing over 1 CPM and filling at over 50%. Now, I am filling under 30% and my CPM has dropped to under .75. Nothing has changed with my site, not traffic, not content, nothing. I need help



Thank you for reaching out to us here on the Sovrn support team. I am sorry that you were having trouble reaching your contact with sovrn. In the future, if you need support you can always email Publishersupport@Sovrn.com or use the forum, as you are now, and we will reach out to you ASAP.

Now, If you can provide me with your sovrn username I can begin to look into your account and hopefully find a way to improve your ad performance. Or you can email support directly at Publishersupport@Sovrn.com with your username and we will provide assistance from there. Whatever works best for you!

As a general answer to your question, there can be substantial dips in CPM’s and fill following the end of Q4 and entering into Q1. Q4 is the largest quarter in terms of spend and performance due to holiday and shopping advertising. It is not surprising that you would see a marginal drop in performance directly following the end of Q4. Generally, these dips do not last. They are a part of the cyclical industry trends and will rebound accordingly as ad spending bounces back up in Q1.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to respond to this message or reach out to us at Publishersupport@Sovrn.com where we have a team of dedicated publisher support specialists ready and willing to assist you.

Thank you!
Sovrn Support


Thank you for the reply. My username is thespread

Also, I understand that things are not static but I have my floor set to $0.00 and I am still filling at only 27%, that doesn’t seem right.


Q1 is the slowest in Ad earnings. So Q1 and Q2= Low $$, Q3 to Q4= High $$. Each Q is 3 months


Hello pls my ads are not displaying can someone help me pls


It’s perfectly normal for both CPMs and fill rates to be much lower in Q1 than in Q4. You should see them coming back up by now, though.