Where to put My Ad Tags?


In the tutorial “How To Add your Sovrn Ad Tags in 8 Quick Steps” it says you have to place the ad tag on “your Content Management System (CMS). Paste the ad tag code from your clipboard into your website template – usually in a text box or ad widget.”

What if you have not a CMD and you are programing in html? Where you have to place the ad tag??

I think than a tutorial only for publishers who use WordPress Blogger/BlogSpot Wix Squarespace is narrowing a lot the publishers who can learn from your tutorial. What happens for the rest of the people?



You make a good point. I think it would be wise to offer some instruction for people who are looking to hardcode their ad tags. For the most part, though, we cater to small to mid tail pubs who are generally going to be interested in the less technical solutions.

When we do deal with larger publishers / networks. They are often very tech savvy or have ad operations teams that are fully equipped to hardcode the tags without our assistance.

I am going to begin working on a guide for the more technically savvy pubs. I feel that we can offer better support in that area. In addition, we will definitely keep listening to publishers to see if there is demand for a more in depth guide for publishers using alternative methods to install their tags.

Thank you for your input! Let me know if you have questions!

Sovrn Support


Thanks for the answer. When the guide be ready, please let me know




Is there anything in the meantime that I can help you with? You can email me at publishersupport@sovrn.com and I will make sure that we get you the information that you need! We offer customized support for every case. Just reference this post :slight_smile:



If you’re programming in HTML, then simply place the ad tag code directly into the HTML where you want the ad to show up.