What Qualifies A Publisher to Receive A 1099 From Sovrn?



Hello Publishers!

Now that tax season is upon us and we are well into the new year, we wanted to help you be fully prepared. Below is some general information regarding 1099 tax documentation and some qualifiers to receive a 1099 from Sovrn.

  1. If you were paid via PayPal and earned over $20,000 through 200 or more transactions, you will receive a 1099. This 1099 will come directly from PayPal and not from Sovrn.

  2. If you are paid via ACH (direct deposit), received payments in excess of $600, and you are filing taxes as an individual, partnership, trust or LLC-partnership, you will receive a 1099 form from Sovrn.

If, based on these stipulations, you feel that you qualified for a 1099 and never received it, please reach out to us at Publisher Support! If you did not qualify either of the two criteria above for 2017, you will not receive a 1099 from Sovrn.

Happy Publishing!

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