What is the steps to Add Tag to WordPress - PICTURES




I have added tags to my WordPress ( TXT Widget ) but the ads is not showing in my website with inform i can monitor some traffic. can some one explain us from ZERO by posting a video for the steps how to start.

also what is ( sync and install ) ?


Hi @dreamifly,

I have copied a couple of resources below that should help you install your new ad tags!



If you have completed all of these steps correctly and the ads are still not firing, implementation may not be the issue. Whether or not an ad unit fires an impression depends on multiple factors, however. The domain in question has to be approved into the sovrn exchange and the tags need to be properly aligned to our demand and buying partners. Where sovrn is placed in the ad stack, the kind and amount of traffic visiting the site, price floors, and ad unit placement on the page also impact the overall fill rate of a tag.

If you could reach out to us directly at publishersupport@sovrn.com with your Meridian username we would love to take a closer look at your account.



thanks for reply, i have more thank 300 request but i don’t have any earning


Hi @dreamifly,

If you could provide us with your Meridian username we would love to take a closer look at your account to ensure that everything is properly approved within our system.