What is the criteria for approval


"we will not be able to approve your site at this time due to the site not having met our criteria for approval. "

can it be more specific about the criteria for approval , i can work on that on my site to meet it


You should check out the site requirements here:

Sovrn says there’s no pageview limit for Publishers, but you should have suitable content.
Here are the list of restricted content:

Adult content
Hate speech
Illegal downloads (piracy)
Illegal drugs
Offensive language


But I don’t have those restricted content on my site, and the content I have is suitable!

“We are always looking to promote a good reader experience on any site that we approve. The site submitted has ads that detract from the reader’s experience and are unaceptable for any site that we choose to work with. These ad types can include but not limited to pop-up, redirects, auto-audio video, or anything that we deem to be harmful to site readership.”

This is the email they replied, I have no idea what ads they were talking about specifically…


Why all my sites was blocked? And after that my account manager Adam stop to answer me ?