What is an average fill rate? Is there one?


Being very new to Sovrn I am curious to know what (if anything) is considered an average fill rate. Over the last 3 days of my whole 7 days of being here my category (arts and entertainment) fill rate has been 0%, 0%, and 0%, Whereas my site fill rate rate has been 15%, 34%, and 72% for the same days.


Hi @TalismanUK,

Pinning down an average overall fill rate is very challenging as there are multiple factors that effect this metric. Fill rate is dependent on aspects like price floors, traffic quality, sovrn’s placement within your ad stack, ad viewability, content quality, buying seasonality, and much more. Our main optimization goal is to calculate the appropriate price floor and fill rate ratio to get you the highest overall yield.

The Arts and Entertainment fill rates that you are seeing within your Meridian account are reading 0% due to data delays. These are not accurate metrics and will be backfilled over the next few days. If you would like help optimizing your account, we would love to take a look! Feel free to reach out to us directly at publishersupport@sovrn.com.



Thanks Anna - I thought it might be a little problematic! As it is still very early days I will probably wait a month and see what metrics a more significant amount of time produces. Then I will start “tinkering” and may well reach out.