The video ads dosent show at all in bitmovin player



I have this link connected to sovrn for pre roll ads but it dosent show any video ads at all. Imusing bitmovin player. Here is my link

so why it cannot show the video ads from sovrn? please help


Hi ayulayol,

Thanks for writing in, we would love to help you troubleshoot!

In order for a video tag to function properly, the video player needs to be both Vast 2.0 and VPaid 2.0 complaint. The bitmovin player is not one that we are overly familiar with, as many of our publishers utilize JW player for their content. I have attached a video implementation guide that outlines all of the proper requirements, please feel free to take a look.

In order to get a better understanding of your individual account please send your sovrn username directly to We need to make sure that your site is approved and on our master whitelist for the ads to fire properly as well.