The Chrome Ad Block Update Drops 15th February 2018


Have you reviewed the initial Better Ads Standards? Have you scanned your site? Share your experience with us… Read more here.

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Where can a review be requested by Google? I’m seeing that my site hasn’t been reviewed, but am not seeing how to request for it to be reviewed.


On Ad Blocking. Recently encountered a loss of all my ads on my Chrome Browser. Turned out to be due to an update to the Duck-Duck-Go extension I was using to allow me to use Duck Duck for search. The change went beyond just ensuring privacy while searching but actually blocking ads from any site was accessed in the Chrome Browser. A very threatening development as Duck Duck is becoming a more popular search engine.

I had to disable my Duck Duck Go Chrome extension so I could continue to monitor my ad behavior while using Chrome.


@pabozich Sorry for the miscommunication! If your site has not been reviewed, there is not currently a way for you to submit your site. Here is a great overview from Google explaining the ad experience review process. You can enable email notifications in the Search Console to ensure that you are notified if your sites’ status changes. Hope this helps!


I have the suspicion that the rollout will be slower than expected. The review dates I see in GSC are quite old.


Chris, we haven’t been able to see what it looks like when a site has been denied or approved. (My test sites are too small to have been reviewed.)

Would you mind posting some screen shots or sending them to to my attention?

Also, I agree with you that is seems like the roll out will be slow because we really aren’t hearing much about it from Google directly. Have you received any emails or other communication for them or other partners on the subject?


Here’s what I see.



Thanks so much for sending this. It’s helpful.




Curious to see if Chrome ad blocking will actually benefit sites that are not blocked. The demand, in theory, should shift to where it can be displayed.


Hi all - came across this article & wanted to share!

The Google Chrome ad filter is live. Here’s what to do if your ads are deemed bad.

What are your thoughts?