Strange iOS / Andoird Bidding Behavoir


We’ve been noticing some odd trends with all of our programmatic partners, which show that our iOS traffic is actually worth significantly less than our android traffic even pre-dating the iOS 11 update. Has anyone else experienced this?

We also have recently noticed that our % of iOS users who have ‘storage IDs’ (identifying information that usually yields higher CPMs) actually increased rather than decreased following the iOS 11 update. However, this % is till only roughly 4% of inventory. Has anyone else experienced this either? Any insights would be greatly appreciated!



That is a great question! From my understanding, Safari for mobile has always disallowed 3rd-party cookies. Since iOS users are highly likely to use Safari, it makes sense that iOS traffic has been significantly less valuable since long before the updates.

I have read articles like this in the past about workarounds for this issue,, but have not been able to verify the efficacy of such an approach.

Have any other publishers had success in working around this complication?