Server-to-Server vs. Server-Side Configuration: What's the Difference?


Hey Sovrn Team,

We get this question often from publishers and thought it would be great if you could lay out the differences between a Server Side Configuration for Header Bidding and running a Server to Server auction.



Good question!

In sovrn’s upcoming Header Complete update, publishers will have the ability to make implementation of sovrn’s client-side header wrapper easier by a server-side storing of the installation code. This feature is called ‘Server Side Ad Config’. This means that a publisher can just go into their Meridian account and config their Header Complete code without having to sift through any javascript code on their own!

  • select from sovrn’s integrated demand bidder list. The mvp will have the ‘top ten’ with more to follow in ongoing updates

  • map all ad served ad units to sovrn tag id’s to include in the wrapper code

  • when config is completed be able to cut & paste a single line of code onto the header of their site instead of the big chunks of javascript associated with most multi-bid wrapper solutions

Server to Server’ sometimes also called ‘Server Side Bidding’, or abbreviated as ‘s2s’ refers to a solution where the header auction occurs on a hosted server and not on the publisher’s web page (aka “client-side”). Sovrn is currently testing it’s own server to server solution with select beta publishers. More info will be made available as we approach a release date.

For more info on Server Side Bidding check out these other articles!



I’m keen to look into your server-side solution when it becomes available!


You’re on the list Jan. To be clear, are we talking about Server to Server or Server Side Ad Config.

If Server to Server, I can have your account manager send you the requirements and spec to our Server endpoint API where you’d connect to via your own server.

If Server Side Ad Config, I will have your account manager get you set up with a the new Header Complete models to log into with your Meridian account.

Just let me know!



Yeah, I’m interested in the server to server setup. When I last asked Jordan about it, he said it was not ready yet?


@jvdc We’ve started actively working with select pubs that meet some general requirements on server to server integrations right now. I’ll let Jordan, your sovrn Account Manager send you the basic requirements for your review and I can help with the more technical details.