Secure https with prebid.js


I am planning on securing my website via HTTPS and I am wondering if I
need to consider anything regarding my sovrn implementation. I am running
sovrn ads through prebid.js/DFP.

Might I have to expect a drop in bids?
Will non-secure ads be served as well?
Is there any reason not to go HTTPS from your point of view?

Thanks for your support.


Hi @maxbloch, thanks for posting the question!

This is becoming a hot topic in the community.

Whether or not you see a drop in bids is not as black and white as it may seem. Some have noticed increased interest from demand for making the switch, but I would say overall it is more likely to decrease overall yield than to increase.

Non-secure ads will serve on https sites, and there will be warnings in the console for Mixed Content on the page.

To the question of whether there is a reason not to go with HTTPS, I would just say that there is a chance for a reduction in yield, and other things that could be messy, but overall there are no glaring issues with making the switch. The question I would ask in return is, what benefits are you gaining from making the switch?

Thanks again for you interest in Sovrn!


Thanks @Ted_Rand for your response.

Switching to https is being propagated by browser-suppliers, as in Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox, especially targeting sites that collect sensitive information like passwords. That practically pertains to all websites that offer a sign-in form for registered users. Current versions of Chrome and Firefox are triggering warnings for non-secure sites. Moving to https should remove the warnings.

Another benefit would be a small boost in Google’s Search ranking, which prefers secured sites.


Switching to HTTPS is generally a good idea, BUT you could see a significant drop in ad revenue. Be ready to switch back if you must.