Search Retargeting Data



I’m a midsize publisher and have received some outreach from vendors interested helping monetize our search traffic data (cookie and buy our data).

Who are the leading companies that purchase search data from publishers? Any landmines to watch for?

What are competitive CPMs / pricing models for this information?

Thanks in advance!


I’d make sure you feel OK with that and ensure it’s in your privacy policy is all that I can contribute to this.

Are you speaking of selling emails and info or something else?


Not talking about PII or email. The vendor captures onsite search data (search terms used in onsite search tool) and leverages this information for predictive ad targeting. I understand this to be pretty standard cookie data.


OK! Sorry, I guess I might not have been the only one to ask that :slight_smile:


No, thank you for the question! This is new territory for me, so I appreciate all questions that make me think about all considerations.


I’ll be following this as I’m curious myself, as long as it’s not PII/email. I mean, could be considered if it is no harm to visitors or their privacy.


Hi @Clayton_Collins and @chratcliff

That is a great question! I took a few minutes this morning with one of our data managers and he gave me a couple of industry notes to share.

Some of the more well-known keyword search retargeting companies are: Adroll, Criteo, Simplifi, Magnetic, and Captify. In terms of pricing models, many of these companies pay on a CPM basis for impressions served when utilizing the publisher’s data. These CPM’s can range anywhere from $0.10 on the low end to $10 on the higher side. Much of this depends on the search categories that are in demand at the time. Categories in higher demand will generate higher CPM’s and can include: Travel, B2B, Seasonal, Home and Garden, CPG, Automotive, etc.

As far as landmines are concerned, we would simply say that such data acquisitions are still relatively new to many publishers and are growing rapidly within many companies throughout the industry. Always make sure that you have a complete and total understanding of what you are signing on for and the proper terminology for anything that a company may be asking of you.

Thank you for sharing and please do not hesitate to reach out with any further questions!



Anna – This is awesome info. Thanks so much. We’re seeing a CPM quote per impressions served at the lower end of the your range. We are in a high demand B2B category, so it sounds like there may be room for negotiation or shopping vendors.

Would love to hear from other publishers who have explored this revenue opportunity.