Reporting solutions for header bidding



What reporting solutions do you use or do you know of for ads & header bidding.
Having to check manually reports for 5 partners and compute reports on a frequent basis is not doable for a small team.
Same, with a small team and no dedicated developer, you can’t integrate & maintain several API.

Thank you for your thoughts !


Hi Benjamin,

Your frustration is completely warranted! There is nothing more tedious than pulling up multiple UI’s to gather collective reporting.

Our wonderful sovrn engineers are in the process of building out a tool that caters to this exact need. Within your Meridian account, along the left-hand toolbar, you should see a Reporting tab. Here you will find the Unified Reporting tool. sovrn Unified Reporting allows you to view all of your reporting data directly in the Meridian dashboard by connecting to multiple partner API’s. We currently have 3 providers integrated (sovrn, AdSense, and OpenX) and are adding additional partners each month. Additionally, we are working on providing header bidding data directly in the Meridian dashboard as well. That functionality will be available at some point in Q2.

Hope this helps!


Thank you Anna.
Very interesting feature! I knew about it but last time I checked only AdSense was available as a partner.
Is it available for all Sovrn publishers, even the ones using Prebid as a header wrapper?
Do you plan to add soon Google AdExchange as a partner API?


Yes, sir! Unified Reporting is available to all publishers regardless of setup or integration. Google AdExchange is on our list of API partners to come!


There’s also