Reporting Delays


Hey Sovrn folks, I’ve noticed that a few other companies I work with are also having reporting issues from last week. I’m assuming it’s all related. Once you get everything back up and running, I think it would make a really interesting blog post to describe what happened. It would be a neat behind the scenes look for us publishers, and might even help our understanding of how this complicated programmatic advertising ecosystem works.



I am not sure as to whether the issues are related between us and other partners. That being said, I really like your idea. I will most definitely escalate this idea and follow up. I agree, I think it could definitely give our publishers more insight about what is happening when we are seeing these delays.

Thanks for your input!

Sovrn Support


Most companies like to do upgrades during Q1 since it is the slowest. I have talked to a few Ad network and they told me they did some upgrading on Ad Serving.


Hi Folks -
Meridian is experiencing a data delay effecting Monday the 31st forward. We are working diligently to update.
Please note that your ads continue to serve and your data is intact.
We apologize for this inconvenience and will provide another update late this evening (Thursday 2/2).

Thanks, Celesta


Hi Folks-
Update: Feb-5-2017 11:20 AM MST. All historical data is up-to-date.
Real-time data is on a 4-hour delay. Thanks for your patience, Celesta


Update on data reporting delays and how we are working on fixing. Data is still on a 4-hour delay from real-time.


Hi Everyone,

We are currently experiencing reporting delays. Meridian data being displayed and any reports downloaded are 24 hours behind real-time. There is no loss of any data and ads continue to serve as normal. We apologize for any inconvenience this slow-down may be causing you.

As we detailed in this blog post, we have been making upgrades and enhancements to our platform architecture to process the significant increases in data volume we are experiencing. This temporary slowdown in reporting is due to changes we are making to how we ingest data related to video ads. Once these changes are made, data reporting will return to normal.

We anticipate all data will be current by end of day (mountain time) on Thursday, March 30th. We do not anticipate any impact to your end of month and end of quarter reporting.