Question About the Main Dashboard


Hello Everyone,

Quick question here, when you’re on the Dashboard page and see where it says, “Your Category’s Metrics: Food & Drink” (in my case it’s food and drink) and below it displays Total Earnings, Total Impressions, Total Requests, Average CPM and Average Fill, …are these _your_numbers or is it a total of your categorys metrics for the month, in other words do these numbers show a total of everyones metrics for the day, month in that particular category?

Thank you in advance


Someone can correct me if I am wrong, but those are your site’s metrics. However, if you look at the graphs below the numbers, for all the individual metrics (earnings, CPM, requests, fill rate, impressions), the bar graph will show your site’s performance and the line graph will show the average performance for all other sites in your category.


Thank you so much for your reply @flyingpigdogs . So do you know if where it says total earnings right there in the dashboard would be considered your own total earnings for the month or if that would be a collective amount of all sites in that particular category? I’m just trying to understand this as I’ve seen some differences from the dashboard page (earnings) vs the actual earnings page on the left hand side (where it has all the other tabs like ad tags, audience, reporting, account, community) but yet quite some similarities…

Thank you again…


Hi @Cathy1, thanks for posting this question, as it is quite commonly asked.

The category metrics are displayed when tags in your account have not had requests or impressions over that timeline.

Please reach out to, and we will help you get the tags made and implemented for your account.

Ted Rand


Hello @trand1

Thank you for responding but I’m not sure I’m asking this question correctly because I have been a member of Sovrn for over 2 yrs now I just turned off my tags for a few weeks. Will be turning back on soon.

I was just asking because I was comparing dashboard metrics from a year ago to just last month and the question dawned on me whether the total earnings and all metrics displayed on the dashboard page are one’s own or a general metrics board for people in that category? I mean when you log into Sovrn this is the very first page you always see. Just wondering, a little confused with this…


Thanks for the clarification, @Cathy1.

Because the tags have not been active for several weeks, the dashboard is currently displaying the averages for people in the category, but as soon as you re-enable the tags, dashboard metrics will display your earnings for any selected time range.


Thank you @trand1,

That’s kinda what I’m asking, when my tags were activated did whatever total earnings that displayed on the main dashboard refer to my own earnings always at all times?

Let me give you an exact example of what I mean, for example when I go back in custom range date to say May 2016 on the “Dashboard” page, it says total earnings of $797.05 but when I go to the “earnings” page on the left hand side of the dashboard page, the earnings are completely different?

That is why I’m confused, I’m only talking about when my ad tags have been activated if there is a difference between what is showing on the main dashboard as total earnings vs what shows up in the earnings page? Like what shows up on the dashboard is a general earnings for everyone in my category or just mine because if it is just mine then the earnings showing up on my earnings page is very different but then at other times similar…that is why i’m so confused.

I’m sorry if I’m causing confusion as to what I am trying to really get at…


When I check my account for that month, the # shown in “Earnings” and “Dashboard” is exactly the same, so I’m not sure.


Yes, when the tags are currently or have recently been active in the account, the dashboard will show real metrics for any given time frame.

The confusing part is that when the tags have been inactive, as in your case, the dashboard will show category metrics for even time frames when there were tags on the site, as in the example that you pointed out regarding May of 2016. So if you were to put the tags back on the site, and then go to the metrics for the time frame mentioned, it would show the actual stats for that time frame instead of just the category averages.