Pulling a daily performance report


I need to pull information daily by site, ad unit and position on a daily basis.

The data points are Total Impressions (bids), Paid Impression (Won), Net to me revenue and CPM.

I can use other info, but I need this right away.

Thank you,
David Teitler
CEO Local Media Advisor.


Hi @LMA,

You can set this up within your Meridian account! Once you are logged in, select the Account tab from the left-hand toolbar and choose the Report Downloads option. The top section, Ad Performance Metrics is the exact report you are looking for.

You can download reports by site and it will populate request, impression, fill rate, CPM, and earnings metrics for each tag. You have the ability to separate out domestic and international traffic for each zone as well.

If you would like, you can also get this download sent to your email each day by selecting the Add Email Report button. If you would like assistance in setting up these automated emails please do not hesitate to reach out directly at publishersupport@sovrn.com.



@LMA are you using header bidding? If so, I can recommend prebidanalytics.com.