Prebid and DFP: Have You Seen this Issue?



Hi all,

We’d love to know if anyone is experiencing the issues we’ve outlined below.

If you’re a Sovrn publisher who also has a DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) account, and you’re running Prebid, a recent change to DFP may be resulting in DoubleClick Ad Exchange (ADX) winning impressions at a CPM lower than the winning bid from Prebid.

The issue comes up if you’re running Prebid with DFP and have DFP First Look enabled. Some publishers are reporting that ADX is winning as much as 50% of the time at a lower CPM if First Look is enabled.

Is anyone having this issue?

Luckily, we’ve found that un-enabling First Look rectifies this. We’ve outlined steps below to address it.

Follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to DFP.
  2. Click Admin - Global settings - All network settings.
  3. Under “linked accounts" look for the DoubleClick Ad Exchange section. If it reads, ‘Default for dynamic allocation’ in green below your account name, click the Edit icon to the right. If this does not apply to you, you either do not have a linked AdX account or you have already un-enabled First Look.

  1. Unselect the Default for dynamic allocation checkbox. This will prohibit AdX from bidding above prebid responses and require it to properly compete with those line items.

49 PM

  1. Click Save.

We’re curious to hear if others are having this or similar issues - or even if you’re finding no issues with this at all - so please chime in with any feedback. It’s a big help for other publishers!


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Thanks for this. Question: Where in DFP do I set the default account for dynamic allocation?

In the Admin > Global Settings > All Network Settings section I am told that I need to first make the AdX account the default, but I can’t find where. I’m using DFP SB.


Hi @jvdc,

We have made a few alterations to the above post and added some screenshots as well. Hopefully, this will help publishers in finding the ‘First Look toggle’, as the DFP update has made it tricky.

Just to be clear, we are recommending that publishers un-enable First Look from within Dynamic Allocation to ensure that AdX is required to compete fairly with your other price priority line items.

Any further questions and findings are much appreciated as this DFP update is new for us at sovrn as well!



Thanks a lot! Interestingly, we don’t have the “Primary Ad Exchange Account” section in our DFP. Maybe that’s because we’re on DFP Small Business?


Hi @jvdc,

Of course! If you do not see the Linked Accounts option, as shown below, it simply indicates that you do not have an AdX account currently associated with the same network id assigned to your DFP account.

Creating this account should populate the field within your admin console.



Hi @acarpinello, thanks for your help!

We’ve got an AdX account, but it’s a third party account (not ours). We do see the the linked AdX account, just not the top part where we set the default.



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Hey @jvdc,

Got it, apologies for the confusion!

Depending on your permissions to the third party AdX account, you should be able to select the edit button on the righthand side of that linked account section (next to Remove). This will bring you to the second screenshot in my original post.

However, it looks like you have already unselected the box as ‘Default for dynamic allocation’ does not populate below your AdX ID. So, you are good to go!