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What are the major takeaways, learnings and surprises from the event. Based on what you learned, what changes are you going to make in your ad ops strategy?


A big take away for me was that, as a buyer, I need to do some more research into how to buy effectively from pubs that utilize header bidding. We’re still a super young company, and header bidding is supposed to expose more data to the buyer, which is valuable, I just need to figure out how to harness that data.


Thanks a lot for the event. Very interesting learning about each companies problems and issues.


It was great hearing about how Edmunds and TEN deal with their data, which got us thinking that we need to think through our own data strategies more.


I’m more curious as to why S2S bidding is a poor way to handle things…


Publishers are hesitant to integrate S2S header bidding solely for the latency issues. Ranker introduced a concept called Footer Bidding which allows them to use 10-12 header bidders, but have no impact on latency whatsoever. Great insights here and interesting to see if that is picked up by more publishers.


Will be sending this via email next week.


Really enjoyed the event. How often do you hold events in Los Angeles?


Great event yesterday. Wondering where we can find more information on Footer Bidding?


footer bidding as a concept was clever as heck. I was pleasantly surprised to see so many pubs understand the lack of incremental demand from SSPs. very good presentation from edmunds on how to develop a very thoughtful, and unique, offering for audience extension


I think there were some great points made regarding potentially losing the control that publishers now have through running the auction client side in the header as well.


Great panel yesterday. It was interesting to hear the different strategies publishers are taking when it comes to header-bidding or for Ranker’s case footer-bidding.

Since my company specializes in video advertising, I’m excited to see what roll header-bidding will play in video moving forward.


It was good to meet everyone last night. I thought the Header Bidding conversation was excellent. It was interesting that the data intensive publishers were hesitant to move towards S2S in order to keep their transparency.


I was surprised about the hesitations around S2S. Also was surprised about seeing how few pubs were interested in video Header Bidding. I liked hearing that pubs are looking forward to demand consolidation and how important unique demand is to them. Lastly, very interesting to see how every pub is super interested in transparency in reporting but still so dependent on google.


Always great to get together, listen to various speakers, and socialize / learn during the happy hour session. I was very interested in Jason / The Washington Posts progressive web apps, thoughts on server to server and Politico’s results from embarrassing / implementing a programmatic / header bidding strategy. Always good to see more pubs embrace this technology.


This was a great event! It was extremely helpful to learn how different publishers have taken on programmatic.


One key take away for me was the benefits behind a secure website. To learn The Post didn’t find as much push back from advertisers as expected was encouraging!


My biggest takeaways are that there is always more to learn about the ad ops space and that the challenges for publishers are always evolving.

As a smaller publisher we have not delved too far into programmatic yet, so it was interesting to hear that other pubs have entire teams dedicated to that. Also, I couldn’t believe that WaPo was the only secure site in the room that day. We would like to move towards that soon!


The 4/19 event in DC was a great opportunity to network and hear about the successes and challenges other publishers are facing. The discussion around transitioning to a secure site was especially helpful since we’re going through that right now. Definitely running into some hurdles along the way. Though we can’t implement a lot of programmatic buying on our site, it’s great to stay aware of how our competitors utilizing it.


I really enjoyed the event in DC and would like to see more like this. I just started working with Sovrn’s ad network and happy to see their presence at AdMonsters. My takeaways are that programmatic is growing faster than I realized and is something to be taken very seriously in this advertising climate, resulting in companies building and investing in teams specifically to handle and focus only on programmatic. Ad Ops is constantly evolving with the industry. Digital solutions are the standard now, but the standards are not enough if you want to stay competitive in the digital advertising space - you need to be targeted, insightful, accessible, and fast, with the ability to successfully monetize. Lastly it was great to hear a conversation get started about header bidding. It was definitely a teaser and I want to hear more insights and others’ experiences with header bidding.