No ads on drupal


Hello. I use drupal. I’ve created a 250x250 tag, and inserted the code in a block in my web site. The block is shown, but no ad inside. The debug console shows the error: 502 Bad Gateway. How can I solve this? Thank you


Hi @mazefood,

Thanks for reaching out! I would love to help you troubleshoot further but need a bit more information first. Please reach out to us directly at with your Meridian username and the exact URL where you have the tag placed.

More often than not, blank ads originate from a whitelisting issue, unaligned demand campaigns, or implementation issues. Please make sure that you have received an automated approval email from us as well.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



tnx, email just sent


I’ve sent an email to the support, but no answer yet… Do I need to use the support form to get a contact?


Hi @mazefood,

Please allow 48 business hours for our support team to get back to you. You should receive a response within that window. If you do not hear anything by end of business today, please reach out again here.



Ah, ok, thank you for the info.


Hello. No news here yet…


Hi @mazefood,

It doesn’t look like we’ve received your inquiry in our queue.

I was able to track down your account and can present you with a few solutions. I have realigned your tag to our premium and international demand partners to increase overall fill rate. I have also created a new zone within your account that is a similar size, 300X250 but performs better industry wide. I would suggest replacing it within your page and this should help with the mixed content error messages with the console as well.

Please let me know if you have any further questions once the new tag is in place!



Hello. Thank you for your answer.
i’ve sent the first emai to publishersupport at on the past Friday, no idea why you didn’t get it, I didn’t get any error in sending it…
Now, I’ve put the new ad which you’ve created. Sometimes it appears, and sometimes it doesn’t, and Imho this depends on the ad source (url)
By the way, the 250x250 has shown one (and only one) ad yesterday, just for 5 minutes.
Among the errors I’m getting, the 502 Bad gateway, mixed content (my web site runs ONLY in https and this is a problem for me), file not found (ext images, but also the script, like
Another thing which I’ve noted, when I first load a page, it is more likely willing to show the ad, but when I load a new one or reload the same, the ad disappears, This could be because my web site caches pages (js, css) for anonymous users, maybe?
Feel free to contact my directly by email if you think
Thank you for the help


Hi @mazefood,

To help eliminate the mixed content error messages, I have blocked all non-SSL compliant buyers from bidding and creatives from pushing to fire through your tags.

As sovrn is not a 100% fill solution, there is no guarantee that a creative will fire with each page load. As a reader visits the same page more often, their value decreases to demand partners thus detracting them from bidding on inventory. This causes lower fill rates and the blank ads that you are referring to. As this is the case across multiple partner platforms, we highly suggest implementing passback tags into your Meridian account to ensure that 100% of your requests are filled. I have copied a helpful link below for your reference. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any further questions or concerns.



Thanks a lot! I already began to work with some passback tags and I’m testing them