NEED a Daily Earnings report, Total earnings grouped by day



Please just create a Daily Earnings dashboard and report grouped by day for past 7-30 days. This is the most basic report any publisher needs. I have partnered with 10+ ad partners over the past 10 years and Sovrn is the only one who makes it impossible to download earnings by day NOT grouped by tag and NOT grouped by US/International and NOT grouped by mobile/Desktop.

JUST DAILY EARNINGS with impressions, fill rate, defaults, cpm and revenue!

Also, Geo reporting should be broken down by country. There is a big difference between CPM for Australia vs. India

Please scrap the whole dashboard and start from scratch!


Hi @simplyas,

Thank you for reaching out and providing us with your feedback. Our Meridian team always appreciates different perspectives from publishers on how we can enhance the overall user experience.

I want to make sure that I completely understand your requests so that I can pass them along to our dev team. Within the main dashboard, there is a timeline dropdown that allows you to view your total earnings over a multitude of custom date ranges including daily, weekly, and monthly statistics. This is the best way to see your total earnings, impressions, requests, average fill rates, and CPM’s across all tags, geo’s, and devices. The downloadable reports are meant to give a more intricate breakout of these metrics which is why you have the ability to separate it by tags, geo’s, devices, etc.

I love the idea of breaking out geo reporting by country as well! This is something that our data team has been looking into as we continue to build on our international reach.

If you have any further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly at



Hi Anna,

I need to to be able to export daily earnings by day in a spreadsheet.
Once I have the data in a spreadsheet I can compare with other ad partners, I can compare daily earnings this year to last year. I can do a million different things,
Do all your publishers use only Sovrn? Why don’t you allow us to export in a meaningful way? It’s just really frustrating!
It’s so basic that I can’t understand why it doesn’t exist.



Hi @simplyas,

Within the Account tab of Meridian you will notice that you have a couple of reporting breakdown options to choose from. If you bypass the Ad Performance Metrics section you should see an Earnings Metrics option available for download. You can select a timeframe and this report will generate your average and total site performance. Is this more in line with what you are looking for?



Thanks for your help, but I assure you that the report I want is not available within Meridian. It wasn’t available in Lijit either.
That report does not break it down by day it’s just a total for a period of time.
I need a report of earnings for an extended period of time with a separate line for each day.

I’m giving feedback that such a report would be helpful and doing it in a public setting so that anyone else in this community who would like to see such a report can chime in.



Hi @simplyas,

Thank you for helping to clarify what you are looking for!

I spoke with members of our Meridian platform team this morning regarding the specific report and including it on our roadmap for upcoming updates and reporting rollouts.

We also appreciate you starting the conversation, as we would love to hear from other publishers as well! What improvements do you think that we can make to our Meridian interface? We would love to hear about anything from basic cosmetics to reporting download options and beyond!



@simplyas if you want to download all your data in Excel, simply go to the “Earnings” tab in Meridian and click on the “Download CSV” link on the top right. You can then open that in Excel and do whatever you like with the data. I hope that helps.