Minimum visits or language requeriments?



Recently I discovered sovrn and I’m interesting to explore the posibilities on my site: . Actually I get about 1000 visitors every day and it’s in Spanish. So I don’t know if I could use the platform in my case. For example, I don’t know if English is a mandatory…


Hi @frasestop,

The short answer is no, English is not a mandatory requirement for approval into the sovrn exchange. We work with thousands of sites from around the world in many different languages. We do have other requirements in place to ensure that our exchange remains one of the cleanest and most trusted worldwide, however.

I would love to help you submit your site to our Operations team for vetting! Simply visit, provide the requested account information, and read through our Publisher Agreement. From there, you will be able to submit your site and receive an automated response within 24-48 hours with an updated account status. If you have any individual questions please do not hesitate to reach out directly at



thank’s for your answer acarpinello. Everything is more clear :slight_smile: