Meridian UX/UI Improvements


What Are We Doing?

Next time you login to Meridian you will notice some changes to the layout. Let’s take a quick spin through what you will see:

Important Metrics Right at the Top

Metrics like earnings, impressions, requests, and fill are important to you so we have made the summary metrics easier for you to see and understand. Previously, the metrics were below the fold, requiring the user to scroll for something that should be easily viewable. Now the highlight metrics have been moved right to the top for easy viewing.

Chart Changes

We have made some chart changes that give the chart more room and make it easier to read. The top performing ad tags has been moved to the right of the chart and is currently still easily in view on the dashboard.

We moved a few more things around on the page including the community forum location which is now below the metrics chart.

Easier Selection of domains and date ranges

The position and layout of the domain selection dropdown ,the time frame selection dropdown, and the quick-selection date range buttons have been changed for simplicity and better flow. You can simply choose the domain you want (or all) and then quickly select the date range you would like to view from the quick-selection options or from custom ranges.

Have any comments or suggestions? Open a new topic in the feedback category or contact us via the support page.