Malware Ads! Please help



I have placed the URL of this ad on your URL blocklist. Hopefully this will help eliminate the ad.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. If you like, I can remove a couple of partners who have been caught serving redirects as of late. There would just likely be a small revenue dip.



Hey SunHunter,

Can you email our support directly and include your username so I can help you with your case specifically?



Hi, I emailed separately as well after posting and everything is being
dealt with. Thank you so much for following up though.



Redirect ads on mobile… again.

Please isolate and remove these right away.


Here is a URL and screenshot what is appearing:


Yea we are getting redirects again too, at least its not a malware just redirect and popups which are very annoying


I am sorry you are experiencing redirects on your sites. We just identifed the source of redirects which appear to be targeting Androids and are working on removing the creative from our inventory. Please reach out to your Account Manager if you have not already and we can investigate your particular case further.


Good day
Mr. Andrew Schwemi

My sites is still waiting for approval.

Thanks for alert

Muhamad Idris


I’m currently getting new reports about

Could you please check again?