Malvertising notification from DFP


We are getting this twice last week already. DFP is flagging our 160x600 banner and now 300x250 banner for malware ad. So we have to remove Sovrn out of the stack. Please check in on this.


Hi, can you send the reports that dfp gave you to We would love to look into it further. Thanks!



Our system has detected activity which may violate Google policies in one
or more of your DoubleClick for Publishers line items. The reasons are
listed below:

To ensure the safety and security of our users, we’ve disapproved your ad
because we’ve determined that your ad hosts or distributes malicious

Although certain bad advertisers may intentionally distribute malicious
software, there are many cases where the webmaster or advertiser is unaware
of the dangerous link because:

  1. The ad was compromised.

  2. The ad doesn’t monitor for malicious user-contributed content.

  3. The ad displays content from an ad network that has an advertiser
    distributing malicious software.

Google uses its own criteria, procedures, and tools to identify and disable
ads that distribute malware. To run your ad, follow these instructions to
check your computer for malware, remove all malicious code from your ad,
and submit your ads for review:

As a result, the following creatives have been disabled:

The affected line items will remain disabled until the creatives have been
cleared by our system. If the line items or creatives haven’t been
disabled, please disable them immediately. Follow up with the third party
that provided you with the creative code to let them know that we’ve
detected a problem. Once they’ve corrected the problem, DFP will detect
that the creatives are safe and send you an email to let you know that you
can re-enable the creatives and line items.

The DoubleClick Team


The details provided here do not help us determine which Sovrn partner is responsible for these alerts. If you can reach out to with the entire alert, we will be more than happy to investigate the issue further.


Unfortunately, this is the same generic message that Google/DFP sends out for Malware warnings and even more unfortunate is that it is even rarer that they will be more transparent about it. We have gotten those warnings before from other partners (but not Sovrn) and usually just pause the tags before DFP ends up clearing it usually less than 24 hours later. I haven’t found any way to get more detail on the alert, such as which Order, Line Item or Creative, let alone the offending ad itself. :frowning:


Same here, that’s all the details we can get from them. As for now our Sovrn tags are paused and every time we created a new one with the sovrn tag within an hour its gonna send us the same email and pausing our tag. Been over a week and it hasn’t clear yet.


As stated earlier, the challenge with these notifications is the lack of information provided. Essentially, all these alerts tell us is that Sovrn was flagged by DFP.
Do not hesitate to reach out to publisher support if you receive one of these alerts and we can help resolve the issue.


It’s funny that is the first post. I came here to ask about redirects, particularly on mobile. By process of elimination, I determined it’s “some” of the ads being served by Sovrn.

I’ve had this happen with Google several years ago but I was able to manually find and block them through the creative review process, if they didn’t find them first. They alway suggested to disable html5, but it would reduce my revenue. Hmm… That’s a tough one.

It’s hard for me to determine the exact ads, because I’m getting redirected the shortly after the page loads.

Hope I can help you help me.


Hey Corey,

Thanks for reaching out! There are a few steps we can take to help you with this. I am going to reach out directly and give a few possible solutions.