Is 4% fill rate normal?


In old days, the rate used to be 40%. As time goes it keep decreasing and it went down to 4% now.

Is this normal or am I doing something wrong?



Thank you for your post! My name is Alex Ten Eyck and I work on the Publisher Support team here at Sovrn.

Sovrn is an open exchange and as such, the CPM and fill that our publishers see varies and is a direct reflection of how the demand that we are integrated with values the inventory. However, having said that, 4% fill is definitely on the lower end and is not normal for what a publisher should typically expect with Sovrn.

I took a look at your account in Meridian and it looks like your overall performance was doing well in November and December of 2017. This is likely because the advertisers and brands have quarterly and yearly advertising budgets that they will look to exhaust as we get deeper into quarters and the fiscal year. In order to ensure you are capturing as much of this increase in spend as possible, I highly recommend that you make slight increases to your price floors as we get deeper into the quarter. At the start of a quarter, the advertisers will often reel back that spend and as such, you will want to make sure you have decreased your floors accordingly and then begin to slightly increase them as the quarter continues. This is an industry wide trend and an approach that can be taken for all of your programmatic partners.

Additionally, I ensured that all of Sovrn’s current premium campaigns are aligned to all of your ad tags.

There are many other aspects which can effect the performance you are seeing such as where Sovrn is in your ad stack, where on the page the zone is located and what your content to advertising ratio on the page looks like. I am sending you a personal message through the community to further discuss some strategies and best practices for optimizing your ad tags.

I hope this helps to provide a baseline for what to expect fill wise and to provide some actions that can be taken to ensure you are best optimized.

Alex Ten Eyck


Are you on header bidding or are you using tags with passbacks? In header bidding, a 4% fill rate is perfectly normal and not too bad actually.


Hey Jan,

Thank you for your reply and excellent point. After speaking with the original poster, they were using waterfall tags and thus the 4% fill was not up to par with what a publisher should expect with Sovrn.

However, to your point, if the OP had been using header bidding, then yes a 4% fill would be typical.

Thanks again for your input here!

Alex Ten Eyck


Thanks jvdc, I am also using header bidding and was concerned about the 4% fill rate.

Calming to know that other users are also seeing such figures.