Integrating AMP into your ad structure


My mobile is generating 45% of my pageviews and about 15% of my ad revenue so anything I can do to goose it up is worth a try. Here’s the rub, very few ad networks can serve up AMP compliant ads.
I asked Sovrn pub support and they said that they’re working on it and I’ll probably wait for they’re solution. You can use AdSense by just adding some AMP parameters and the ads height and width.
Is anyone else considering this and do you think that it’s worthwhile.


This is a great question and one that all of us here at sovrn would love to receive your feedback on! As more traffic has transitioned from desktop to mobile, the need for a more reader friendly and high performing mobile platform has grown immensely. Projects like Google AMP, Facebook Instant Articles, and Apple News are working to create such platforms and revolutionize the way we utilize the mobile web. sovrn’s goal is ensure that our publishers are reaping the benefits of this transition from a monetization standpoint as well. You deserve to receive higher earnings for your mobile traffic.

Our development teams are building out our official implementations and I will make sure to post them within this thread once completed, as well as progress updates as often as possible.


Thank you for the post fifties web. We are passing on your request to our product team. Thanks again for reaching out and for your insight.


We also have AMP pages on our site, and we used Google AdSense for that. We’re seeing surprisingly good CPM rates. In AdSense, we’re using one sticky bottom 320x50 ad unit, and three in-text 300x250 ad units. We’re getting a higher CPM from AdSense on AMP than through header bidding on our normal mobile site.

Having said that, it would be great if Sovrn also had AMP ad units. So far, Sovrn’s performance on mobile hasn’t been very good for us, though, so I hope they can build up more demand.


Hi Jan-
Curious how much higher CPM’s you’ve been getting and any other info. you can share about testing AMP ads. Thanks, Celesta


For AMP, we’ve only gone with AdSense and haven’t compared to any other ad network yet (would love to try out Sovrn, though, to compare). The CPMs for our AMP ad units on AdSense are:

320x50 BottomFloat = £0.77
300x250 Intext1 = £0.58
300x250 Intext2 = £0.33 []
300x250 Intext3 = £0.16 [

[*] CPMs are adjusted for reduced impressions of ads further down the page, as in AMP ads only get loaded when they’re viewed

That equates to a pageview eCPM of £1.84, which is actually higher than what we’ve managed on non-AMP mobile pages with header bidding. That’s quite surprising because on any non-AMP page, we’ve seen terrible performance of AdSense – we even A/B tested AdSense vs Prebid.js on our mobile pages, and Prebid.js did much better. But not better than AMP-AdSense. :astonished:

My comment about Sovrn’s performance on mobile comes from our header bidding setup for non-AMP mobile pages. In our header bidding, Sovrn doesn’t make us much money on mobile compared to other ad networks.


Very interesting, Jan. I am sure Jordan Combs is eagerly awaiting AMP compliant tags :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing what’s working.

I wonder what metrics Google is sending to buyers for the AMP ads. If they are able to measure viewable engaged time/attention and send that back to the buyers to obtain a premium then it makes sense that the AMP ads would obtain a higher bid price for the space.

Across all platforms, I feel viewable ads will become the norm sooner than later. We see this in display and now going to mobile. Heck - if I was an advertiser - I would be much more apt to pay for an ad I know has been seen for a guaranteed period of time, then an ad that ‘might’ have been seen while scrolling down the page.


Yeah, I think the high CPMs are indeed due to AMP pages essentially guaranteeing viewability.