I'm getting 0% Fill Rate with Sovrn and Header Bidding



I’ve had header bidding configured and operating properly on my site for several months. I have confirmed that Sovrn is getting the opportunity to bid on placements, and from the analytics page on meridian, I can see that Sovrn is seeing the requests.

However, Sovrn has never actually won an auction or delivered an impression on my site. I have sent a number of emails through standard support channels but this issue has never been resolved, or even explained to me.

Has anybody else had this experience?


Hi Wilton,

I believe the issue is this:

It looks like you are pushing your set customConfigObject when it should just be:


Does that make sense?



Awesome! Thanks for the tip. Trying it now.


It’s giving me an exception: “Uncaught TypeError: pbjs.setPriceGranularity is not a function” - I’m using Chrome on OS/x

This is strange, because I get the same exception even if I go to the official prebid.js setPriceGranularity example: http://prebid.org/dev-docs/examples/custom-price-bucket-using-setpricegranularity.html


I went back and looked more carefully at the code and its actually pushing THE FUNCTION that sets the customConfigObject, which is consistent with what I see elsewhere.

Any other thoughts?


Hey, I have a solution for you, I believe. I am emailing you right now.