If Sovrn could do one thing for you in 2017, what would it be?


At Sovrn we’re always aiming to improve our publishers’ experience. So let us know - if Sovrn could do one thing for you in 2017, what would it be? (i.e. higher CPMs, a social sharing widget, etc.)


The biggest thing would be that I think that once you have one active blog with Sovrn that any subsequent blogs should be able to be added as soon as they are created. The idea is that it is good to get your readers used to seeing the ads from the very beginning so that they don’t get upset when you add them later. Also, when you don’t allow that you take the chance that the blogger will find another ad network that does jump aboard earlier and the blogger starts to question if they should stay with the network that didn’t allow them early on.


Hi- Thanks for this feedback. Very helpful.

Currently you can submit a new site via your Meridian account. Once you’re approved at Sovrn you can use this form to add sites to your account.

P.S. Site Settings is in the far right corner

Hope this helps, Celesta


No actually that is not true.

I did add my second blog right away with Monumetric but I was turned down
by Sovrn.


We manually review every site to uphold certain site quality policies in order protect our content creators and advertisers. Each site is individually reviewed using metrics in order to ensure a high standard of quality. If you feel your site was turned down in error or reasons for the site denial are no longer present, please resubmit and we will review the site again.
Thanks, Celesta


Higher CPMs are always welcome! But for me the biggest thing is loading speed. We want to have our ads above the fold for prime viewability, but I always worry that the ads load so slowly, that any ad near the top of the screen will be scrolled past before the ad finally loads. Related to that is the number of redirects that happen to load an ad. I’ve seen it take 250+ redirects to load the ads on a single page of my site. That’s a lot of time/bandwidth, especially for mobile users.



I completely understand your concern. I will add your account to our Beacon Blocklist. This will eliminate any extraneous requests that are being called. This will help with latency / ad load time.

In terms of obtaining better viewability, I believe that we can help you there. We have a new product / technology that is perfect for what you are looking for:

There are also sticky header and footer units that are in view at all time that are available in 728x90 and mobile 320x50. Would you like to try a couple of these units. I would suggest a sticky footer and a sticky 300x250 to start, but we can do as many as you like.

Let me know what you think!

Sovrn Support


Hi Jordan, can you explain what the Beacon Blocklist is? I imagine there is some sort of trade off for being on it. If it just made ads load faster without any impact to earnings, why wouldn’t everyone be on it be default?

I’m using onscroll units on one of my sites and they seem to work well. The one issue is that they are not flexible. You really have to design your site around them, allocating a good portion of real estate to them or they don’t work. As responsive design continues to take hold, more layouts are going to horizontal, full width content areas, not the 2 or 3 column design that is required for onscroll. It also doesn’t apply to mobile, where more and more of our traffic is going.



The trade off is fairly small for the beacon blocklist. The demand partners that are bidding on your site may end up with slightly less in terms of data, which could have a slight affect on CPM. Usually the difference that we see is negligible.

Actually, we can place the viewable technology in any IAB standard size ad units. They do not have to be sticky or scroll with the reader. They just have the advantage that they report view ability back to the demand. Also, we most definitely have mobile OnScroll units that will fire only when it is a mobile user. They are very effective. The 300x250 is compatible with mobile as well as the 320x50 banner.

Hopefully, this information is helpful. Please let me know how I can help further.



I was just double checking because I was getting ready to do my taxes and I
didn’t receive anything from you.I think is it because the amount is less
than $600. That is fine I just want to be sure before I file. I already
counted your amounts in my income anyway.


I would suggest outright banning and refusing to do business with any advertiser who uses any of the categories of ads considered too aggressive by the IAB:

non user initiated audio
timed full page interstitials
mobile redirect ads

It’s probably only a matter of time until Chrome outright blocks these at the browser level to keep ahead of the adblockers, making them useless formats. So I say get ahead of the curve and just drop anyone trying to traffic these.


I would love more options to monetize mobile and social media.


Responsive ads (like AdSense) would be great. This would reduce the amount of work required to get ads displaying right on desktop/mobile.


We now have a proactive traffic blocker that stops mobile redirects and auto-audio ads from being served. We are in testing mode now and refining the blocking. These types of ads pollute our publishers sites and it’s not right that you as publishers have to be on constant alert for these malicious ads. Stay tuned! We are working on this.


Hi @alice, Can you please give us additional detail into the type of mobile and social media ads you want. For instance, mobile apps? AMP ads? Please let us know since we are currently accessing the opportunities in this area.



Hey @omad1 forgive me if you already are utilizing this method with Sovrn.

While we do not have a responsive unit like Adsense, we DO have responsive capabilities. Utilizing an ad server (DFP) makes this process the most efficient for not only the publisher, but the publisher advocate (ex. me).

Ex. Adsense Responsive Leaderboard ATF
-Assume this unit can display as a 728 x 90, 468 x 60, 320 x 50, 970 x 90

Sovrn’s method for this example means you must create 4 tags/creatives in Meridian, then make one line item for “Sovrn Responsive Unit ATF” and choose the above 4 listed ad sizes. You would then upload the Sovrn tags/creatives within DFP.


I would like to have more international advertisers, ones that are looking for a global audience outside of the US market. Half of our page views are from users outside the US.


Thank you. We are working on building out the depth/breadth of our international advertisers. Our focus currently is the European market. What ‘international’ market are you focused on?


Do they work with header bidding?
Where do I find them?



We are currently looking into integrating the two technologies to work together and we are very excited about the results. We are looking for publisher candidates who would want to be early adopters. Would you be interested in this? Let me know and I will have someone reach out to you.

Otherwise, I can create onscroll tags for you any time. Just email me at publishersupport@sovrn.com and let me know what the site is, your username, and what sizes you may want.