How to create Ad tags?


Hi I’m new here, I am wondering how this all works. How do we create ad tags?


If you login to Meridian and click on the Tool sidebar. There you can find the button “Create Ad Tag”. After you select a name, ad type, and size you can click save. Important note, your ad tag will not work if you don’t already have an approved site. You can check that by going to Account, Site Settings and looking under “Your Approved Sites”.


Omg. Thank you so much.


Hey! I’ super new to this too! I’m wondering What should I name my ad tag?


I suggest using your Meridian log in as well as the size of the ad unit you are creating. For example, SkinnerHollowPhotogr_300x250 or SHP_300x250 if you’d like an abbreviated version.

I hope this helps!


Yes it does thanks so much!