How long does it take to start getting fills?


its been less than 24 hours but im starting to doubt that i configured everything correctly… any insights? i put my cpm at .1 could that factor in? what cpm floor should i use? thx in advance.


Hi @honestslim,

If the domain has been approved within the sovrn exchange, all of the tags are properly aligned to demand partners, and the script is implemented correctly then tag performance should be immediate. I would love to take a closer look at your account! Please send your Meridian username to us directly at so that we can troubleshoot further.

In terms of price floors, we recommend what we like to call the ‘crawl, walk, run’ approach. I would suggest dropping the floors completely from the tags for the first 72 hours to ensure that the script is firing properly and to allow demand partners to align to your inventory. From there, we can gradually increase the floors to optimize overall yield.

Looking forward to hearing from you!