How do you evaluate ad tech partner value?



AdExchanger recently posted this article, stating “the pendulum is swinging away from complicated setups. Publishers are finding they can remove ad tech partners with little effect on their bottom line.”

Sovrn is working with the press and compiling a summary guide of hints, tips, and tools for publishers. We’d love for you to be a part of it by contributing to the conversation below.

What challenges do you face when evaluating the value of your supply ad-tech partners?
What tools do you use to evaluate your partner value?

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The challenge I have is not having good reporting. While Sovrn’s platform will show me total impressions it doesn’t providing any insight as to which partners won the auction. No means to confirm partners are actually filling and tracking the winning auctions.


There’s a lot going on in this article which is intentionally or unintentionally the point. How I evaluate how many header bidding partners to keep is certainly a different thought process than deciding if I want outstream video ads or not.

But if I take a step up from looking at the specific ad instance and think about my user and think about my page, it’s clear that as the article states, CPM alone is not a good measure of the value of a partner. Revenue needs to be evaluated by user, by page, by session or session time.

One publisher (who I invited to weigh in on this forum) evaluates the advertising experience as part of the overall user experience and it’s lead them down the road of making their ads highly visible (their viewability rates are extremely high) and for the most part there is only one ad in the users viewport at any given time. For some types of pages where they know users will spend more time they serve ads that work best in that kind of environment.

All of this is possible by thinking beyond CPMs.

So how does that impact how to evaluate supply partners? Many ways, which is why I agree that a guide is going to be the best way to capture all the ideas vs. a single forum post. I’ll just share one thought from the AdMonsters Publisher Forum in Montreal a couple of weeks ago. The keynote, Tony Katsur, implored people to measure the cost of on-boarding and maintaining partners and know that information going into the evaluation phase. I doubt enough people are tracking those numbers. Factoring how much time you spend on a partner should definitely be part of the equation.


So… we reached out to some of our top publishers for their opinions and polled our ad ops team for their top tips and advice on how publishers can better manage ad inventory and evaluate tech - here are our findings - we’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas: