Has Header Bidding changed your department structure?


Programmatic has definitely changed how ad operations teams are structured and who publishers hire. I’d love to hear what you’ve done around staffing to keep up with the growing complexity of what we do.

I’m also curious if header bidding specifically has impacted team structures or staffing requirements. I’m not sure that it has, but would love to hear from publishers – big and small – about this topic.


My theory is that header bidding has made the math/data skill requirement even more of a requirement and some people have probably either added dev resources to ad ops or found ways to tie ad ops and dev teams together tighter. How has header bidding changed your department?


Definitely. The visibility into competitive buyer bidding behavior and the technical processes involved that header bidding has introduced has upped the ante’ in terms of the comprehensive technical and operational breadth and depth requirements needed to most effectively support efforts from both the supply and demand side.

This seems to dovetail into the overall ad tech platform industry trend where there is increasing transparency and knowledge sharing between the supply and demand sides of the industry.

As platforms continue to innovate on the supply side to facilitate better competition for inventory for publishers and more intelligent buying decisioning for advertisers on the demand side, the need for people in both areas with ad ops and technical skills (or real willingness to learn) in various roles will only grow.