Gross vs. Net – How Publishers may be Losing Revenue in PreBid


Do you know how each of your header bidding demand sources are treating their fees? Is it possible you could be giving impressions to the lower bidder? Read more

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This is a good point! One of my header bidder partners displays all their metrics before their fees are deducted, which is generally unlike everyone else I work with. I use Sovrn’s Header Complete wrapper and I was happy to see that for this partner, there was an option to enter in the % rev split between partner and publisher, so I am using that. :slight_smile:

One question I have thought of is how are currencies dealt with for header bidding and specifically with Sovrn’s wrapper? My DFP is in CDN funds (and I am unable to change this), but Sovrn and all my other partners are in USD. Is this taken into account? If/when the exchange rate between the two currencies widens, this would seem to potentially have a significant impact. Thanks!


It would be awesome to post all known header bidder partners rev splits/adjustments here as a repository for new members without having to hunt down and ask questions to partners who may/may not answer fully.

OpenX is generally 0.85 / 1.00 if I am not mistaken.

Thanks to all who share! :sunglasses: