Getting "This URL is not available for signing up for AdSense. Please use a different site." while applying to adsense


I had signed up for sovrn ad network, and it seems like they are an aggregator of ads and serve google ads sometimes, and sometimes criteo ads, probably my site is registered with sovrn and so I getting that URL not available message while applying to adsense?



Thank you for reaching out. I am going to reach out to you directly since I do not quite understand your question.



I m a sovrn publisher and see that I get google ads being served on my website by sovrn, even though I havent added any passback code for adsense. Now my question is I was trying to get my adsense account approved and I started getting this error in adsense “The URL is not available for signing up for adsense”. Is it because I m already having google ads on my website through sovrn? If sovrn is showing google ads on my site then they must have added my site to their list of verified sites in adsense which means I m no longer to apply to adsense with this website.



Matt is in contact with you directly, and he will be reaching out. No, your Adsense approval or denial will have nothing to do with whether you work with sovrn. Please contact google if you are having trouble with your Adsense approval.