Fill Rate 14% with Floor Price at $0.00 and more Requests than Page Views


I don’t understand fill rate at all. My fill rate is only 14% with a floor price of $0.00. I’ve gotten 12K requests today for 4K page views today. Why is the fill rate not 100% in this situation? It makes no sense to me. I have more requests than page views so why aren’t the ads filling?

Any insight you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

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In my experience, Sovrn isn’t a 100% fill solution, regardless of the price floor you set. It’s always best to have another partner as backfill (like Adsense), if you’re looking to have 100% of impressions filled.


Thanks for responding! Do I add adsense as the back fill code on sovrn? Also, I’ve used adsense for the past 3 months and despite having 30-50K pageviews a month am only making about $25 a month from adsense. Is this rate pretty typical?

Thanks again for the help!


Yes, you do add Adsense as a backfill via Sovrn.

It would depend on how many ads you have, but if it’s just one ad, that’s probably about right.


Hi @Carly_Hooten,

Thank you for reaching out to our community. My name is Jordan and we corresponded via the publisher support email a couple of days ago. I am going to follow up with you via that channel in order to make sure that your new ad tags are fully aligned and performing accordingly.

Swapping the 300x250 in for the 250x250 should be our best bet to drastically improve performance, which I am seeing in your newly created tags’ stats. There are other options available to us as well depending on your needs, which we can discuss as well along with your passback options moving forward.

I will follow up with an email shortly.

Thank you!


That is a good point @pabozich, thank you! Also, we always want to make sure our publishers are using the sizes that are most in demand and generally perform the best. Sizes such as 300x250, 160x600, 728x90, and 300x600 will outperform other more specialized sizes.

@Carly_Hooten With regards to the other question, Sovrn and Adsense together is a strategy that many many publishers choose to employ. Here are a couple of articles about pairing Sovrn with Adsense effectively.

Sovrn and Adsense Together

Sovrn and Adsense Make a Killer Combo

Sovrn Support


I’m getting ~80% fill rate with Sovrn and Doubleclick Ad Exchange on with no floor in AdX, but the eCPM on AdX is significantly lower than Sovrn and the ads are not as desirable (even if they are relavant). I assume AdSense has similar eCPMs. Consistent impression volume definitely helps the fill rate. Also, make sure your HTTPS vs HTTP setup is accurate.

There are many reasons why the requests can be higher than page views. Discrepancies are well known and due to many factors like refresh rates, page load times, platform counting methodologies etc.


The key, in my opinion, is finding your sweet spot with Sovrn in terms of CPM/fill and then backfilling the rest of your remnant space with a reliable partner.

Right now, CPMs and fill are lower than usual because it’s the beginning of the year, but I suggest monitoring Sovrn performance (CPM/fill) regularly and working with your account rep to tweak things as the year goes along.


I would suggest the following:

Put in an AdSense unit as passback tag. Set a reasonable floor price, maybe start at $2.00 or $1.50 depending on what ad unit size you have and where on the page it is. As a general rule, 300x250 and 728x90 will get the most demand. Then check your fill rate and try different floor prices.

If you increase the floor price on Sovrn, your AdSense CPM will go up, too, and the Sovrn fill rate will go down. If you decrease the Sovrn floor price, your AdSense CPM will go down, but the Sovrn fill rate will go up. It’s down to testing what works best for you.