February 21, 9AM-10AM MST: Live AMA Panel with Sovrn's Support Engineering Team



Ask Sovrn’s Support Engineering team anything! A few topics could include header bidding implementations, Ads.txt, VET technology, or DFP.

Team members & area of expertise:

  • Anna Carpinello - DFP
  • Eric Conrad - Sovrn’s demand stack, DealID, discrepancy resolution
  • Luke Bartel - Server to server implementations
  • Michael Wilson - Prebid.js
  • Ted Rand - Prebid.js
  • Wes Whitney - Header implementations with a side of DFP

How it works:

  1. Post your question in this thread
  2. On February 21st, our Support Engineering team will answer these questions via a YouTube live stream
  3. If you miss the live stream, not to worry! The recording will be posted in the Community the following day.

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Note: This is the actual AMA thread! Please place your questions in the thread below for the team.


Hi Sovrn Support Engineering team!

What are some of the potential drawbacks a publisher may experience if they do not have an accurate ads.txt implemented?



Hey Team!

If a publisher is interested in getting set up with header bidding through sovrn, what are the criteria to have a dedicated support engineer assigned to help configure it? Is there a traffic threshold to be considered?



As a follow up question, what are the benefits of using the Header Complete product Sovrn offers vs using other auction in the header options?


I think these are great questions and I would also be very interested to know the answers. I have a very simple header bidding solution going that was set up by a partner and I would like to use prebid (I think) but it looks way too complicated for me to set up.



Its great to hear that we can offer some insight that would help you out with this. The questions will be answered on February 21st, next week, on a YouTube video.

Please, if there are any specific questions that you have about getting header bidding set up, post them here and we will answer them during that video!

Ted Rand


@Ted -

At what point to do you find publishers having diminished returns partner wise in their wrapper?

For a scaling publisher how many demand sources would you recommend?

Also, for scaling publishers… are you seeing a shift towards server side auctions or do you think client side will remain the most popular in the next year? Or Hybrid models?

Curious to hear your thoughts as you work with publishers of all sizes!


What would you say sets Sovrn apart from the glut of ad tech vendors, exchanges, and ad networks that seem to always be reserving their best efforts for the big websites on the internet, ex. CNN, ESPN, NYTimes, etc.? These incidentally, are all websites that seem to be struggling with keeping the lights on in the first place. Seems like there’s gotta be a different or more effective way to help websites navigate through the changes going on in the Advertising business.


What is Sovrn’s view on publishers who use sovrn demand directly integrated through the header and also via tag-based 3rd party vendors who provide publishers with Sovrn re-seller ads.txt entries?

Does using both sovrn directly and as a re-seller put the publishers direct seat at a disadvantage as the buy-side could potentially have access to the same impressions through a cheaper supply path via the re-seller?


Does the ads.txt file actually do anything? Does it block unauthorized resellers from selling a publishers inventory? How will this impact fill rates?


Why (or why not) is it advantageous to run SOVRN (or any partner) on a client side wrapper and via a 3rd Party S2S (Google EB) simultaneously?

Many publishers report seeing incremental lift from combined implementations. What is the reason for the lift? Is the Google EB auction being primed by the results of the client side auction?


From Sovrn’s point of view, what are the benefits and drawbacks of using DFP over other popular ad servers such as SMART ad server?


How does win rate affect your header bidding algorithm? If bids are requested on a sizemapped or lazyloaded unit that may never get sent to the adserver, does your algorithm penalize this behaviour? What about bid caching?

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