Earnings and Impressions lost


I just noticed that Earnings and Impression were reduced when I refreshed the page, by a huge chunk. my impressions went down by nearly 30% how and why does this happen?


This happens daily at around 11pm MT as I believe that may be the cut off for the day. Impressions and revenues revert to several hours earlier but over the course over the next 6-8 hours, they seem to gradually re-populate. If you check again in the morning, you’ll see that everything is back to normal.

This is just my experience, someone with the company can definitely shed more light into this.


Hey Maximillion,

My name is Alex and I work on the Publisher Support team here at Sovrn. Thank you for bringing this up and also thank you to @flyingpigdogs for addressing this from your personal experience. What @flyingpigdogs stated in response is correct. This occurs due to the time zone which Meridian operates on and is a data visualization that is a result of the data roll-up.

To re-iterate, none of your performance metrics are effected by this and the numbers do return to normal in roughly six to eight hours.

Thank you again for bringing this up on the Sovrn Community as I am sure other publishers have experienced this and likely have the same question. Also, thank you again to @flyingpigdogs for providing your input here and on other community outreaches!

Alex Ten Eyck
Sovrn Support


Hey Alex, not sure if this is related or an outage of some sorts, but in my dashboard, it appears that impressions and revenue have gone missing from April 8 (it was previously there). Just mentioning in case it hasn’t been noted.