Does Quantcast boost CPMs?


Has anyone seen a CPM boost by signing up for Quantcast? Allegedly, if you use Quantast, advertisers will know about your traffic and be willing to pay more. I’m wondering if it actually works out that way.


Hi @alenhoff,

Thanks for reaching out!

There is no guaranteed solution to increasing CPM’s as there are so many different factors that impact this metric. With that said, audience insights are extremely helpful in understanding your overall reach and honing in on your target market. It also provides Sovrn’s demand partners with a more wholistic view of your traffic, which encourages them to bid more on your inventory. Sovrn, for instance, uses the non-aggregated data to help increase CPM and fill rates across our entire exchange.

We would love to hear from any publishers that have utilized an audience insights program to alter their stack, partners, or content and the results that they’ve found.

Alex & Anna