Did You Miss: Success in 2018, IAB UK Gold Standard, CDPs, DSP hidden fees, AMP and merging reports


There’s more to success than CPMs, Explains Sovrn CMO Andy Evans

Digital advertising remains an essential element of publisher monetisation strategies, but the way ad inventory and demand partners are managed is evolving… (Read More…)

Industry News and Updates

A call to action for news sites: 2018 is a critical year.

Q&A with Sovrn’s Andy Evans covers such important topics as ads.txt, ad blocking, moving beyond viewability and more.

Sovrn is registered with the IAB UK Gold Standard Initiative.

Remember our commentary on CDP’s? If not, learn more about them here.

If you work directly with any DSPs, you should investigate if there are hidden fees.

AMP has had more impact
than Facebook Instant Articles. This plus Mark Zuckerberg’s plan to “fix” Facebook, isn’t great for publishers unless you feel it’ll weaken the stranglehold of the duopoly.

Good news that merging reports from multiple sources may eventually get easier with his IAB initiative.

If Facebook stops putting news in front of readers, will readers bother to go looking for it?


Here’s a vibrant discussion this week about fill rates and maximizing revenue.


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