Did You Miss: Sovrn's AMA, Some Client Love, Late Payments, Ad Density, Social Platforms, Subscriptions and more


Check out the transcript from Sovrn’s AMA!

Last week, Sovrn hosted an Ask-Me-Anything livestream event where Sovrn’s Support Engineering team answered questions directly from publishers. If you missed it, you can read the Q&A transcript or watch the recording on Sovrn’s YouTube channel.

Industry News and Updates

We love when our clients give us a shoutout because we helped double their profitability. Thanks Livingly.com!

This AdExchanger article laments how prevalent late payments are in our industry. Here’s how Sovrn is addressing this very issue. Get paid faster. Join the conversation!

It’s not just bad ad formats, but ad density that impacts user experience and might result in ads getting blocked on your site.

Investing in publishing on social platforms don’t always pay. The numbers and some strategies in maximizing your ROI.

If you are thinking about adding subscriptions to your business model, these charts will help figure our your pricing strategy.


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