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Industry News and Updates

GDPR is only 50 or so days away and with headlines looming, here is a single GDPR resource for publishers with a number of useful checklists.

Sovrn’s Kara Boeshaar walks you through the first steps of moving to a responsive website through DFP.

Programmatic is the trend and Erik Requidan thinks it’s a good thing for publishers. Buyers are moving away from RFPs, and AdMonsters is tracking the state of S2S and Programmatic Guaranteed.

Google has started to roll out mobile first indexing. While the tech giant has said ‘there is no need to panic’ if you’re not in the first wave, Google’s best practices for mobile-first indexing is a must-read.

According to tests recently conducted by Forbes, less ads can actually mean more money.

A great analogy for how you should look at your data strategy: nutrition labels.

Chrome’s mobile article recommendations is becoming a more prominent traffic driver and is worth watching.


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