Did you miss: Sovrn fights fraud, DFP changes, domain spoofing, and e-commerce


Sovrn continues to do all it can to fight fraud and we’ve just been verified by the JICWEBS Anti-ad fraud initiative for our commitment to make advertising appear in brand reputable places.

DFP’s change to how it counts impressions will happen in October. Share with us how you think it will impact your numbers and your business in this very forum.

Someone may be pretending to be you on the exchanges and making a lot of money doing so. The FT did some investigating and here are the results. We can’t emphasize it strongly enough: implement ads.txt.

Sites integrating e-commerce content are not new, but this article about what Future is doing is insightful. “We’re moving away from ‘here are the five best watches’ to ‘here’s how you can get the most out of this experience,’” said Sullivan. “It’s an interesting shift in consumer behavior to want to buy more experiences.” Consider this as you integrate e-commerce opportunities into your site.

Finally, Sovrn was a finalist for another award for its groundbreaking Viewable Engagement Time product this week in London.


Apprently 1/3 of major publishers are already using ads.txt - and nearly half when you only look at English language top publishers. Any idea what these numbers are like for indie publishers?