Did you miss: Second-Party Data, Malware, Google Subscriptions, Mobile Programmatic and Resource Constraints?


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Why Second-Party Data Is More Valuable Than Third-Party But Activated Less Today
– Using marketers’ data won’t scale for smaller publishers right now, however as the capability of matching audiences grows, smaller publishers with valuable audiences will see increased CPMs and have a unique opportunity to work with brands.

Sovrn’s commitment to brand safety now includes verification by JICWEBS!

Malware simply won’t go away because it’s big business. That means publishers and their partners must always be vigilant.

Will Google’s subscription tool be a boon for publishers or will it allow Google to further control digital media?

As consumers continue to move to mobile, so will programmatic - 5 interesting charts.

Its refreshing to hear a big-time investor recognize that resource constraints sometimes lead to better outcomes.

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