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Why Net Neutrality Matters

Should publishers care about net neutrality? Absolutely. “Net neutrality allows independent publishers who are experts in their field and passionate about their subject area to create high quality niche content that can be accessed equally by all,” writes Sovrn CEO Walter Knapp. “If the 2015 regulations are reversed, a powerful few will be able to take control over how people consume, share and converse online. This is deeply concerning for the future of free speech.”

What is supply path optimization (SPO)? And how does it work for publishers? Watch this video to learn more.

Viewability is important, but is the future actually more about measuring engagement and time-in-view? To learn more, read this discussion between Admonsters’ Gavin Dunaway and Sovrn’s Andy Evans.

Reddit’s about to launch its first major redesign in a decade. Read how this is aimed at increasing users…and attracting advertisers.

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On Net Neutrality question, I’ve run across some articles suggesting keeping the current regs only favor giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. who aren’t affected by the status quo. See the articles by Aaron Renn https://www.city-journal.org/html/who’s-really-censoring-web-15586.html and Harry Khachatrian http://www.dailywire.com/news/24004/everything-you-need-know-about-why-net-neutrality-harry-khachatrian


Interesting articles, @roscoetrails. I hadn’t seen that point of view before. I think the authors make some good points about how big companies can use the current rules to their advantage. Though I’m not sure that taking away net neutrality is the answer to this. In the articles @RobBeeler shared, there are a lot of other aspects of losing net neutrality that could be harmful to publishers and the general public.

Curious to hear other thoughts on both sides of the net neutrality debate…


What rang a bell with me about the contrarian position on Net Neutrality is as a smaller publisher and content creator I don’t see the near monopoly status of Google and Facebook helping my business and craft.

I see Facebook as a particular evil in that they encourage content creators to provide them “free content” which they then monetize to make themselves rich. Would be great if a competitive social media platform developed where content creators get a share of the advertising pie.

On Google I am concerned about their censorship power in Search and YouTube. It’s one thing to censor truly evil stuff like child porn and how to build weapons of mass destruction. But recent examples of the James Damore debacle and demonitizing content of Prager University provide good examples of Google abusing their power. Tends to tickle my paranoia!


I highly recommend watching this: http://www.businessinsider.com/amazon-apple-facebook-google-should-be-broken-up-scott-galloway-2017-11 and subscribe to his youtube channel. He’s funny and informative.

I get your point and yes, one result of maintaining net neutrality is Google and Facebook continue to dominate. I think without net neutrality other companies will dominate the sliver that Google and Facebook haven’t yet conquered. I also fear that once net neutrality is lost, we can never get it back. So my thinking is maintain net neutrality and address the Google/Facebook issue another way.

My 2 cents.


Thanks for the video link Rob,

Watched the video and it was entertaining and informative. An impressive
presentation of the nature of the problem. But light on solution.

Seems like he wants something like more regulation + more public-private
"partnership" to properly manage our “free enterprise” economy for the good
of the average American. My knee-jerk reaction is if Scott ruled the world
we’d just be going from the frying pan into a pot of boiling water. New
environment but no more comfortable.

But we need his voice to call out the hypocrisy and greed.

Still suspicious of Net Neutrality since Facebook and Google are beating
the drum for it.

I continue to suffer long term effects from the last big bandwagon Google
got behind: responsive websites. Strong-arming website development into
responsive websites has ruined online digital advertising. Publishers have
to cram more and more intrusive ads onto websites just to get a minimally
decent return on page views.



I just came across this article today and thought it articulated some of the current problems at the moment. I’m curious to see where it’s going in terms of suggesting solutions to these problems.


I too am curious about the follow up articles. Please post a link when they come online.