Did you miss: Marketers invest in digital, programmatic sales, shorter video ads, subscriptions, Safari changes and voice activated ads


Marketers continue to invest in digital advertising. According to eMarketer’s stats yesterday, digital ad spend will increase 15.9 percent in 2017, hitting $83 billion.

Just moving 30 second spots from TV to digital often negatively impacts the user experience. As Facebook looks to shorter videos ads, hopefully the rest of the industry follows suit.

Google is shifting its policies that might help publishers with subscriptions and is offering publishers more data insights with its Insights Engine Project.

We previously mentioned Apple’s change to the Safari Browser. Here is the IAB’s take on how all the parties in ad tech should respond.

By now, it’s safe to assume that voice activated computers will be a part of the future. How will people access your content through Alexis or Google Home? The Financial Times is already thinking about it.

Programmatic is not just about the automation of sales but the “automation of processes” – sales still plays an important part in digital advertising. Here’s what how to think about sales as buyers shift more budget to programmatic channels. You can rest assured that Sovrn’s NYC and London teams are working hard on the same direct sale process for our publishers.

And to round things off, Sovrn were a finalist at the DigiDay Awards Europe for Viewable Engagement Time.

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Oh wow, that’s very exciting news about the Insights Engine Project! Very interested to see how that plays out.

Also found some interesting news on the ePrivacy cookie popup in the EU by centralizing the process in browser settings instead. I personally found the popups annoying and think this will have a positive impact on user experience. Am I missing any pros around the cookie popup?