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Need help with GDPR? This podcast with one of the world’s leading GDPR lawyers addresses publisher concerns head-on.

Industry News and Trends

Google has launched an array of publisher initiatives including “Subscribe with Google” which lets readers buy subscriptions using their Google account. No more form filling, credit cards, etc…it’s currently only available for participating sites but expectations are high that it will be rolled out.

A number of articles this past week from Sovrn team members, including how you might be losing revenue in Prebid and how to prevent getting cloned (your site, not you).

As we countdown to the arrival of GDPR, the IAB has proposed a framework to get consent and not everyone agrees with the approach.

We’ve long espoused a diversified revenue strategy approach and that discussion continues. One particular quote to consider from this article, “A percentage-point improvement in retention is huge— for us, that’s big money”. Share in our Community how you improve audience retention.

Much has been said about the ad tax, but not as much about the value the solution providers bring to digital advertising.Is ad tech overpriced?

MRC is starting to consider new viewability standards. You’ll want to watch how this progresses.

Congratulations to Emily West! Emily is an Operations Engineering Team Lead in our London offices and she has been nominated for The 2018 British Media Award’s Rising Star Award.


AMA with Ian Trider, Director of RTB Operations at Centro

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