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Check out Sovrn’s ‘easy-guide’ to GDPR!

No doubt you’ve heard it mentioned a hundred times, but what is it? What should you do? Check out Sovrn’s easy-guide to GDPR and join Sovrn’s Community discussion to learn more!

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Ads.txt continues to be an important conversation, but does it really solve everything? This article published by Sovrn in MediaPost argues that Advertising Has A Problem, But Ads.txt Can’t Fix It Alone. If you want to learn more about what’s going on with ads.txt, read DigiDay’s state of ads.txt article. Plus, if you don’t already have an ads.txt file, here’s what Sovrn publishers should do.

In a MarTech Series interview, Sovrn’s CMO Andy Evans shares his views and opinions on 2018 publisher video strategies, ad tech consolidation, and his fascination on what makes people happy.

Charles isn’t a someone, it’s a something, and it can help you find out what’s going on in third party code. Check it out.

Next week is Valentine’s Day, which is also when Google’s Ad Blocker goes live. Make sure you keep up to date on the potential impact it can have on your revenue.

One site moved to a paywall model. One did not. Here’s why a paywall might be in your future.

Want a quick history of header bidding and where it’s most likely to go? Check this out.

Perhaps the battle for Net Neutrality isn’t over…

Some publisher’s strategies for getting traffic is making headlines. But, not the good ones.


Tax season is in full swing. Find out what qualifies a publisher to receive a 1099 from Sovrn.

Thinking about adding more partners to your prebid.js wrapper? We’ve got your back.

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