Did you miss: DMEXCO recaps, GDPR, Apple cookie blocking, ads.txt, fighting fraud and the competition


While the industry commentates, we aim to bring you the articles that are insightful and provide direction on what you need to know and what to do.

If you didn’t make it to DMEXCO, this infographic tells you what was IN and OUT in less than a minute and these industry commentators will give you a deeper view of DMEXCO distilled. If you did attend, see if these predictions from media experts actually came true. The Sovrn team from the US and UK were there in full force - thanks to all our clients and partners for meeting with us there!

The market still seems uncertain about the potential impact of GDPR, for now it’s important to debunk the myths about what it is and what it isn’t.

The newest shock to the system is Apple’s move to block cookies on Safari. AdMonsters has a quick write up with ad operations in mind, while the Guardian provides a bigger picture.

We continue to educate the market on ads.txt and Ad Ops Insider provides a useful update on ads.txt adoption and what all those text files tell us about publisher strategies. If you haven’t installed ads.txt and want help, please contact your Sovrn representative.

As some publishers pivot completely to video, this article might provide some guidance on a more balanced approach. Know how and where your audience consumes your content!

Doug Weaver’s articles are always short and to the point. This week he asks you to focus on your competition: yourself.

What did we miss that would benefit the rest of the community?


Thanks for the update! Can’t 3D printed cocktails AND cupcakes be in :stuck_out_tongue:?

The article on GDPR was really helpful to me - it seems like there is still so much conflicting information out there! With the deadline fast approaching, I’d love to hear how others are preparing.