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Meet the Sovrn team in London when CMO Andy Evans will host a fireside chat with Infectious Media at the Brand Safety Summit on March 15th to discuss lifting the lid on buyer-seller transparency and the future of engagement metrics.

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Facebook’s algorithmic changes have led to the demise of LittleThings which closed down. Other publishers are feeling the pain as well. Some, however, are adapting because they didn’t rely as heavily on Facebook. What is your feedback? - join our Community discussion.

That being said, some publishers are finding that other revenue sources may not make up the gap and that there is no silver-bullet answer.

Although the industry generally works to one viewability standard set by the MRC and IAB, some brands are considering their own definition of what is viewable and what isn’t. Be sure to check out Sovrn’s Viewability tools to avoid getting caught up in the confusion!

Research indicates that mobile CPMs should start to go up substantially and some of that will be driven by innovative mobile ad formats.


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